New Social Network for Golfers Offers Resources on Health and Wellness

A novel and very positive social network has recently launched, and though it is aimed at golfers, it’s not only necessarily about golf. It is indeed used to connect those devotees of the nine-iron, new and old, to share advice, tips, deals, and events, but also to inform and educate people on health and wellness during and after golf.

The website is, a network that sounds more like a fundraiser or event than a social connectivity site. It is not unlike Facebook in the way users can interact: members can post photos, videos, share events, and message one another.

The site focuses on golf, but as the name implies, it is meant to be a resource for health and wellness, things that aren’t necessarily considered when thinking of either sports or social networking. The network is free, but membership driven, and those that sign up will be enabled to earn discounts and receive news on events, reviews, and travel.

Launched by Marathon of Miracles, a nonprofit group focuses on wellness and cancer prevention, hopes that a golf community will come together and help, as the URL declares, to end cancer.

“Members will receive a steady stream of reliable wellness information they can use to live a healthier life, lowering their risk of disease, injuries and ailments, enabling them to enjoy more time playing the sport they love,” said A.J. Ali, Co-Founder of Marathon of Miracles.

There doesn’t exist yet a network as ambitions as this for a particular sport, and the goals and purposes of the site may be multi-faceted enough to appeal to many people.

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