New Start-Up Giving Consumers a Chance to Blacklist Bad Customer Service

There’s a new start-up in San Francisco that’s aiming to empower consumers with a voice – and it’s usually  an angry one. At Blacklist, everyone’s sharing their bad brand experiences, and from the looks of it, a lot of companies just don’t know how to keep customers happy. This is a great site for a PR team to get to work! I’m talking to you At&t, American Apparel, Sears…

Before Yelp there was Consumer Reports, but none of these testimonial driven sites offer consumers the opportunity to basically give brands the middle finger. Consumers are angry and dissatisfied and now that there are plenty of socially accessible outlets, consumers and their friends and their friend’s friends are teaming up to do what they like best – express that outrage.

However, I would have to add that a truly satisfying and productive outcome would be for companies to receive complaints from Blacklist and Yelp. These two-way communications could work as a last resort and if that fails – well, there’s always the double blacklist option for more outrage and maybe counseling.

To share your bad brand experience, visit Blacklist’s beta site.