New Stephen King Novella Comes to Kindle Early

Stephen King has made no secret of his passion for his Kindle. He published a Kindle-exclusive story, UR, around the release of the device, for one thing. Now, he’s made another Kindle-friendly move, releasing his new novella, <em>Blockade Billy, for Kindle for than a month before it comes out in print on May 25.

Amazon sent out a none-too-helpful press release about this morning, which merely claims, “ (NASDAQ:AMZN) today announced that the new novella by bestselling author Stephen King, “Blockade Billy,” is now available in Amazon’s Kindle Store ( for $7.99.” Other eBook stores don’t seem to have it, so we’re left to assume it’s an Amazon exclusive, at least for now.

It’s the story of a baseball player whose very existence has vanished from the record books. Then some other scary stuff happens. Amazon also proudly claims that the Kindle edition will feature the illustrations from the limited edition hardcover version of the book.

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