New Study Reveals Champagne Boosts Brain Power

Got bubbly?

According to a new study, you may want to imbibe. According to a piece we read on Forbes, scientists at the University of Reading in Great Britain revealed research findings which indicated compounds found in champagne can improve our spatial memory responsible for navigation and the performance of complex tasks.

Without getting too scientific, the acid found in champagne actually helps signaling to the brain and also helps prevent the loss of proteins related to memory storage.

In the study, rats were given a moderate dose of champagne every day for a total of six weeks. This is equal to about one and a half glasses each week. Rats performed twice as well on maze tests compared to their counterparts who weren’t given the booze.

Dr. Giulia Corona, the study’s lead author, told Wine Spectator, “Daily supplementation with a low-to-moderate dose of Champagne for six weeks led to an improvement in memory indicating phenolic compounds in champagne may interact directly with nerve cells, improve the communication between cells and encourage nerves that carry electrical signals in the brain to regenerate.”