New Survey Reveals Most Unusual Holiday Office Gifts: Toothpaste Squeezer, Anyone?

Survey says!

Okay, we just felt like channeling our inner Richard Dawson a la Family Feud but when a new survey comes out, we’re always intrigued by its results. The latest one from CareerBuilder is no different; per their national survey conducted from mid-August to early September, workers and hiring managers revealed their holiday gift exchanging habits.

For starters, 45 percent of employers are planning on giving holiday bonuses. This is on track with the percentage of 46 from last year. To that point, 40 percent said they were planning on giving the same amount or larger this month.

As for company gifts, 35 percent of employers stated they’re going to give holiday presents to their employees. Again, this is parallel to last year’s percentage of 36.

How about the notion of exchanging gifts with colleagues? The majority of workers who plan on buying for their co-workers will spend $25 or less on each one; almost one-fourth of workers in the survey revealed they’re going to give their office mates a gift.

Sure, there’s always the ubiquitous gift card or non-obtrusive page-a-day calendar, but  survey results included some of the most unusual items such as 50 pounds of fresh Louisiana shrimp, a toothpaste squeezer, a unicorn calendar, a plaster cast of a colleague’s hand, camouflage toilet paper, homemade laundry detergent and for the person who has everything, a talking fly swatter.

Of course, if your cubicle friends have a sense of humor, you can go for funny gifts but remember, not like we have to remind you, keep it classy.