New Survey Reveals Strangest Things Bosses Have Asked Employees To Do (Like Surrogacy)

Ready for this one? Really, are you ready?

Good, we knew you were.

In the category of inappropriate conversations in the workplace, a recent CareerBuilder survey revealed you don’t need to look any further than the supervisor-employee relationship. Need proof? One particular boss didn’t have any qualms about asking a direct report to be a surrogate more than once, mind you.

The survey asked employees to dish and boy, did they ever. Almost 25 percent of employees indicated their bosses asked them to perform tasks that are completely unrelated to their jobs. Considering this number is rather high, it seems that it’s not unusual for a boss to get out of line.

More than 3,600 employees across various industries and companies were polled. While 66 percent gave their bosses an average rating, about one-third also revealed they feel smarter than their boss.

As for some of the most unusual requests, a boss asked his or her employee to spy on senior management. Another boss asked a direct report if she knew of anyone to “hook him up” with illegal substances.

We’re just getting started, here’s another: One supervisor asked an employee to go online and post false comments about him (all good ones, naturally). Yet another boss asked an employee to concoct a science fair project for her daughter. And another one asked the employee to fire his brother.

On a Friday of a tumultuous week, we’ll leave you with a few more quirky and inappropriate requests: Asking an employee remove her stitches, asking an employee to be better friends with him and asking an employee to clip her dog’s nails.

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