New Television Shows, Movies Seeing Strong Organic Facebook Page Growth

It’s a new season on television and in movie theatres, and Facebook pages are reflecting this — new shows and forthcoming movies had some of the fastest-growing pages on our PageData top 20 gainers list for the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. DORI 2,196,607 +441,623 +25.16
2. Where the Wild Things Are 410,606 +356,512 +659.06
3. Disney World 360,327 +323,162 +869.53
4. Starbucks 4,263,902 +207,443 +5.11
5. Disneyland 886,649 +157,090 +21.53
6. Slash 660,525 +151,133 +29.67
7. Saw 1,176,942 +144,627 +14.01
8. Madrid 2016 Olympic Games 231,337 +136,378 +143.62
9. Mafia Wars 4,512,332 +133,545 +3.05
10. The Cleveland Show 131,963 +106,549 +419.25
11. I need more sleep! 336,170 +87,559 +35.22
12. Galatasaray 1,988,661 +82,096 +4.31
13. The Bible 686,714 +77,523 +12.73
14. Celebs on Facebook 1,484,583 +77,095 +5.48
15. Taylor Swift 2,363,197 +74,862 +3.27
16. Facebook 5,297,311 +74,657 +1.43
17. Hey Hey It’s Saturday 274,208 +74,220 +37.11
18. Texas Hold’em Poker 3,248,333 +69,712 +2.19
19. Glee 405,326 +68,553 +20.36
20. Volcom 250,469 +68,363 +37.54

Where the Wild Things Are, a movie based on the popular children’s book, will hit theaters on October 16th. Its page growth up to this point seems to be both organic and from Facebook adding in unofficial fan pages. After daily growth in the hundreds or thousands of users, the page grew by hundreds of thousands late last week, gaining 367,000 to reach 411,000 fans. Whoever is running the page is doing a nice job prepping the audience, as it is being updated near daily with trailers, teaser clips and related information.

Another forthcoming movie, Saw VI, also has an active page and a growing user base. The movie is the latest installment on the Saw series, which has a single page so it can leverage its existing fans to promote the non-stop string of sequels. The movie gained 138,000 fans on the 26th — but has since seen a sharply higher growth rate. Before the 26th, the page was gaining a couple hundred fans a day. Since then, its been gaining at least 10,000 fans a day. Saw’s page is also full of clips and other updates, questions for fans — ways of keeping people’s attention leading up to the premiere.

Television shows have also been making appearances. The Cleveland Show, the new Family Guy spinoff, has been gaining several thousand fans a day since it gained 50,000 on September 28th. The series — which premiered on the 27th — now has 132,000 fans.

Hey Hey It’s Saturday, an old Australian show, is getting a reunion run on October 7th. This seems to have inspired fans to show their faces, as the page has recently been gaining tens of thousands of fans a day to end with 274,000.

Glee, a show with new episodes coming out now, has seen steady growth over the last month, including nearly 70,000 over the course of the past week, to reach 405,000.

But many of the fastest-growing Facebook pages from the past week continued to grow, it appears, because Facebook itself manually folded unofficial pages into the official pages.

At the top is DORI, the Pixar fish. It was also number one last week. The reason it appears both weeks is because Facebook apparently added unofficial pages between September 26th and 28th. Some of the growth was reflected in last week’s numbers, and the rest in this week’s numbers; the page has since lost a few fans. This is not an especially interesting story, in terms of trying to figure out what pages are growing, and why.

TV and movies didn’t account for all of the organic growth, though. For other examples of organic growers this past week, see Starbucks, Disneyland, rock star Slash, the now-failed Madrid bid for the 2016 Olympics, gaming application Mafia Wars, Turkish soccer team Galatasaray, The Bible, Facebook’s curated Celebs on Facebook page, country star Taylor Swift, Facebook‘s own page, and gaming app Texas Hold ‘Em.

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