New Voice Owner: ‘I’d Be Crazy for Buying It If I Didn’t Believe In It’

Someone believes in the paper.

Peter Barbey, the new owner of The Village Voice, thinks the best is yet to come for the paper. That’s not surprising — he’s not going to disparage a product he just bought — but it’s nice to know that there’s someone out there who has hope.

“I’d be crazy for buying it if I didn’t believe in it,” Barbey told Politico. “It is one of America’s great newspaper brands in terms of potential by the pound. I unequivocally believe there’s great value in the Village Voice brand.”

Barbey added that he doesn’t think the Voice is done, it just “needs investment.”

Skeptics — and there are plenty of them — claim that no matter what Barbey does, the Voice will never be the same.

Former veteran Voice film critic J. Hoberman put it bluntly by explaining, “Even if the new owners are inclined to spend money, they’ll have a near impossible time restoring any credibility.”