New Voices Community News Projects To Watch

The Knight Foundation has announced nine community news projects receiving up to $25,000.

Many of the New Voices projects sound like they’ll be sole proprietorships for a while, with one paid journalist and a few members of the community or nearby journalism students. That’s the case with Essex County Community Media, operated by Essex County College in Newark; NeighborWeb, founded by a former Mercury News journalist, and Lincoln’s New Voices, founded by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

But a few of these are launching with the plan to hire freelance reporters.

Now $25,000 is not a lot of money, and it’s not even all available in the first year—the projects are starting out with just $17,000 of the funds, and the other $8,000 will be distributed in the form of matching grants next year. But many of these projects will also be seeking out other money or selling advertising.

So if you live in a fishing community in Maine, you may be interested to know that the Maine Lobstermen’s Association will launch a site called Landings; Olympia Newswire is receiving a grant and may use it to bring on some more freelancers, and River District News, started by a former Charlotte Observer reporter, will bring on volunteers and freelancers to cover the “environmental makeover” of the Catawba River District.

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