New York City Ballet Previews Santiago Calatrava’s Set Designs

Santiago Calatrava is taking a break from designing controversial bridges that may or may not kill you to put in a bit of artsy time. This past Thursday, there was a preview of the New York City Ballet‘s upcoming season, which is to include five different set pieces designed by Calatrava to accompany an equal number of new ballets. Unfortunately, since Thursday night was a fundraiser and not a public show, we weren’t able to find any reviews, which might have included a few more details about what the Spanish starchitect has come up with (other than these few words in the Wall Street Journal that describe the sets as “inspired by desert landscapes”), but the open-to-the-public season starts on May 2nd, so soon enough we’re likely to see some in-action photos and, if there’s a bridge involved in any of them, how many dancers have perished. In the interim, the City Ballet has this mini-site about the project with some videos and prep-photos showing off what’s what. And for more, here’s a brief interview with Calatrava by Dancing About Architecture.

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