Good News-Bad News for Father-Son Sportswriting Duo

The New York Daily News bifurcates the Bondy byline.

Solid piece today for Poynter by Ed Sherman, who operates sports blog The Sherman Report. He frames his look at the recent decimation of the New York Daily News sports department with a richly detailed lead-in:

Filip Bondy started hearing rumblings last Wednesday that the New York Daily News was making massive cuts. Despite generating high-quality work during his 22 years on the sports staff, he knew everyone was vulnerable.

“I didn’t wait for the call,” Bondy said. “I called them and asked, ‘Am I still working there?’ [The person on the other end] said, ‘Well, actually…hold on.’”

Bondy, though, had concerns about more than himself. His son, Stefan, covers the Brooklyn Nets for the Daily News. So after Bondy was informed that he had been dismissed, he immediately asked about his son’s fate.

Dad was told that Stefan is staying, much to his relief. It was Sherman who also, over the weekend, noted that a column by Mike Lupica casts some doubt as to whether the high-priced sportswriter is indeed history at the paper. Sherman revisits that topic at the top of his Poynter piece.

Bondy sr. has a new baseball book out, The Pine Tar Game. He also wrote a nice remembrance yesterday of Yogi Berra, but it was – necessarily – published by a different News.

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