New York Hacks Puts Uber CEO in the Shade on Colbert’s Late Show

Uber CEO in the home of public transportation. What could go wrong?

It’s been a week, but Stephen Colbert is cleaning up in late night show ratings. There’s not much schtick, just a ton of unfounded curiosity on who “the real Colbert” happens to be. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to have a public relations fire hose of drama like Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on your show.

And, ICYMI, the show did not disappoint in the land of yellow and black taxi cabs last week.

According to many reports and a few thousand Twitter timelines, Kalanick discovered just how much taxi drivers don’t appreciate his approach to technology. A couple of hecklers in the Ed Sullivan Theater rose up and took the opportunity to let him know what they thought.

The presumptive cab driver accused Kalanick of destroying taxi-industry jobs, and Colbert didn’t bother to try and quiet him down (to the amusement of many). As you will see below, Kalanick remembered a little bit of PR 101 by using talking points to discuss higher income with his ride-hailing service. Unfortunately, those talking points followed by Colbert’s questions were preceded by the outburst … which was edited out of the broadcast.

For your reading pleasure, social media advised us on what we missed:

Speaking of talking points, dude needs to read up on his new venture UberEats because those messages weren’t as well-rehearsed as the hate mail he typically reads.