New York Media Really Likes Teenage Blogger Tavi Gevinson

Have you heard of the teenage blogger/style icon/Lady Gaga BFF Tavi Gevinson? If you haven’t, you must not read much from our corner of the world, because New York media is loving her. For some reason, within the last few days, The New York Times Magazine, New YorkThe Awl, The Village Voice and The New York Observer have all written about Gevinson and her new website, Rookie.

Why did they do this? We have absolutely no idea. Supposedly Gevinson has gained popularity with her blog, unique sense of style and talking about the 1990s, which she didn’t even experience. Fantastic. But why does a teenager, starting a website for (white) teenagers, have to be rammed down our throats by publications that are supposed to focus on adults?

We know that New York has a vested interest because it’s handling advertising for the site, but beyond that, it seems to be yet another case of publications jumping on a bandwagon and hoping that it will ride into the sunset. We’ve got nothing against Gevinson, but we probably speak for a lot of those publications’ readers when we say, “Who gives a sh*t?”