New York Post Maps ‘Lou Reed’s Town’

It was a close Hardeep Phull one-two race. But ultimately, we sided with the Post freelancer’s December 21 compilation of NYC Lou Reed locations over his December 20 item “The 5 Worst Celebrity Christmas Albums.”

Phull highlights just under a dozen Manhattan spots, adding in fun, breezy observations and trivia notes. Our favorite Reed region:

Corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue

Of all the New York City locations in Reed’s lyrics, this is the most famous. In the Velvet Underground song “I’m Waiting for the Man,” it’s mentioned as the spot where Reed meets his heroin dealer with “$26 in my hand.” The corner is a place of pilgrimage for Reed fanatics — although the only man you’re likely to wait for on that corner now is the pharmacist behind the counter at the Duane Reade.

Sadly, any Reade prescription now costs either close to or a whole lot more than the $26 Reed originally sang about. Check the rest of Pheep’s “Velvet Above Ground,” as it were, here.
[Photo of Reed performing at 2012 Pohoda Music Festival in Trencin, Slovakia: Michael Durinik/]

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