New York Times Android App

The New York Times has come to Android. Now available in the Android Market is the official New York Times app. Included in the app is all of the content from the newspaper including obituaries and the New York Times Magazine. Unlike the iPhone version of the app, videos are included and play in landscape on the phone. The app has several sections that you can access by pressing the menu button or by swiping down from the menu bar at the top of the screen, as you do to open Android notifications. Once you open an article you can move between articles in a section by swiping right to left to go to the next article or left to right to go back to the previous article.

You can change between five different font sizes by pressing the menu button while an article is open, and you can share articles with several apps such as Twitter. A shortened URL is automatically created to be shared with other applications. Also included with the app is a home screen widget that displays headlines from a section that you specify. The widget fills the screen horizontally but occupies only about a half inch of space. The New York Times Android app is free, though it displays ads, and is available in the Android Market.

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