New York Times Brass: No Paywall on Front Page

Yesterday, as The New York Times Co. assured investors and anyone else who might be interested that its second-quarter results appeared to fall in line with what was previously forecast, CEO Janet Robinson also offered some color on the website’s forthcoming metered model.

Speaking at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, Robinson compared the digital subscription service to the same one on the print side; it’s a way to diversify revenue streams. She said, as paidContent reports:

It’s important to note that the New York Times has a large digital advertising base already and we have already been very successful with cost-per-click, particularly at the About Group, but we’ve also secured a great deal of display advertising.

Senior vice president of digital operations Martin Nisenholtz also said that there would be no paywall blocking off the Times‘ front page. This would corroborate executive editor Bill Keller’s assertion that the paywall would not meaningfully impact most readers.