New York Times Hires Apple Beat Reporter

Gray Lady snags well-liked Bloomberg View vet.

Some big, late-breaking Friday afternoon New York Times news.

Starting in July, Katie Benner (pictured) from her base in San Francisco will move over from Bloomberg to cover Apple for the newspaper. From this afternoon’s note by business editor Dean Murphy and technology editor Pui-Wing Tam:

Previously, when at the tech blog The Information, Katie was among the first in the tech press to identify a key hedge fund manager pouring money into Silicon Valley startups. She also wrote deep dives on up-and-coming companies that are now part of the elite group of Valley startups.

Katie brings financial chops to the job, having written about Wall Street for nearly a decade at Fortune magazine, TheStreet and CNNMoney. She also has an eye for the offbeat and unusual. When she lived in Beijing, she wrote about “everything from monks to music,” she says. Not that she hasn’t endured some journalistic drudgery. At another point in her career, she was tasked with listening to Jim Cramer’s radio and television shows and writing synopses. “Yeah, it got a little repetitive.”

Per the last tweet below, some fun chatter erupted on Twitter after Farhad Manjoo stepped on the NYT Communications department’s toes.

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