L.A. Resident Reacts to New York Times Neighborhood Invasion

Kyle Fitzpatrick is already dreading the 40-minute wait outside that future wine and cheese shop.

New York Times regular contributor Shivani Vora recently had a piece in the paper titled “Where to Go in La Brea, Los Angeles.” The headline is somewhat confusing, as the article is about a trendy stretch of La Brea Avenue in the mid-city district. At the very least, the headline should have used “on” rather than “in.”

The article reverberated strongly with at least one resident of that general area, which is within tourist-walking-distance of The Grove. From Kyle Fitzpatrick’s latest weekly CityThink blog post for Los Angeles magazine:

The Times lavished long-distance praise on the “more than a dozen trendy new restaurants and boutiques selling home goods and fashions from up-and-coming designers” I pass by every day. It gave me an urban nightmare.

When I discovered it, the article in question rendered me speechless. I turned my laptop to my co-worker. “Look at this,” I motioned, the color draining from face. She squinted and then laughed – hard. “Oh my god, you have to move now,” she said. I just stared back. I felt hot. It’s possible I was in shock.

Once I could think again, I had questions: Did Venice locals feel so queasy when GQ decried Abbot Kinney “the coolest block in America”? Did Silver Lakers have such dread when Forbes called their home “America’s best hipster neighborhood”?…

Fitzpatrick criticizes some details of the piece and ponders further what impact this might have on the vibe currently flowing between 2nd and 3rd Streets.

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