New York Times Legal Expert Also Air Guitar Expert

New York Times Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak makes a living out of following justices’ rulings. But at least in the important field of air-guitar adjudication, his resume is much more impressive than that of the justices he covers.

That’s right, Liptak has served as a judge in multiple Washington, DC, air-guitar competitions. Using such delicious wordplay as “Juris Rocktor,” an interview by Above the Law delves deeper into the law reporter’s air-shredding duties.

Liptak tells Above the Law, “My work as an air guitar judge has deepened my appreciation for the difficulty, dignity and majesty of the task of adjudication.”

He also reveals that as an air-guitar judge, he’s a strict constructionist, saying “I leave my policy preferences, personal history and musical taste outside the doors of the 9:30 Club.”

Liptak’s interpretation of what it means to shred has been a matter of public record for as many as 25 years.

(h/t Gawker)