Attack of the Monster Crossword Puzzle

New York Times Magazine print-only special section serves up 738 clues.

Subscribers to the international edition of The New York Times are bummed this winter Sunday. Only Canadian and U.S. readers received a special print-only magazine insert featuring 33 puzzle games, one of which is a 50-inch-by-50-inch crossword puzzle grid, spread across two pages and anchored to a list of 738 clues.

An accidental duplication of the number 387 in the crossword graphic has thrown some readers for a loop. New York Times Magazine editor in chief Jake Silverstein explains to The Verge’s Nick Statt that the crossword and “Puzzle Mania” section owe a lot to a newer ember of his team:

“We recently hired a special projects editor at the magazine that is heading up these sections, Caitlin Roper. A lot of what you see on the page is Caitlin’s brilliance as an editor. We had the design resources of the magazine, the design department and the resources of our photo department — a few of the puzzles involve photographs. But Caitlin was someone who came in recently, and a big part of her job is overseeing these special sections. She’s using a lot of the magazine resources to give these sections a magazine flavor.”

To all those today on the #nytpuzzlemania clock, we wish you the best of luck. The 16-page special section also includes a letter exchange between crossword editor Will Shortz and original crossword editor Margaret Farrar.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.