Till a Complicated Online Form Did Them Part

What's that old saying? About the journey being as important as the destination?

From the get-go, Carlye Wisel knew she was facing an uphill New York Times Weddings climb. The professional standing of her husband-to-be notwithstanding:

I’m a freelancer who writes about trampoline exercise and Sephora hacks, and my Midwestern family’s lineage contains a severe lack of Goldman Sachs employees.

Nevertheless, as she recounts with great humor today on Racked, despite this double disadvantage, she decided to try and squeeze the announcement of her nuptials through the fearsome Gray Lady tandem of a long-lead deadline and daunting application form:

If it seems like most wedding announcements in the Times are nearly identical, it’s because they are. A very strict set of guidelines ensures that they resemble Maroon 5 songs — indistinguishable from each other, and engineered to fill the average person with inexplicable despair.

Ha ha. We’ve deliberately quoted from just the first few paragraphs. To find out how it played out and what the (now) happily married couple learned, read on.

In the meantime, FishbowlNY feels compelled to kick off the guestbook for this journalism event with: ‘Had a wonderful time. Congrats to the radiant author, all the folks who helped behind the scenes and, of course, Racked for hosting.’
[Screen grab via: racked.com]

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