A Forgivable New York Times Typo

Two T's, one G.

YrsaSigurdardottirRare is the correction that elicits sympathy for the reporter who committed the mistake and for the editor(s) who subsequently failed to make amends. Such is the case with the following transgression, noted over the weekend by The New York Times:

An article last Sunday about a literary tour of Iceland misspelled the surname of an Icelandic novelist. She is Yrsa Sigurdardottir, not Siggurdardottir.

Even though this correction is posted at the bottom of the Nov. 17 travel piece, the second mention in the article of the Icelandic novelist’s last name still bears two G’s. Again, we can relate. In fact, a quick Google search reveals that such a misspelling still sits in the middle of a 2013 Irish Times preview of 2014 books.

Too bad the Times on this side of the Atlantic couldn’t just go with the author’s Facebook moniker. For that social media page, the novelist with many consonants wisely chose the abbreviated username YrsaSig.

[Photo via: Facebook]

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