New YouTuber Gives Justin Bieber A Run For His Money

Justin Bieber blew us all away (at least those of us who are girls aged 15 or younger) when he sprung off the pages of YouTube and onto the pop charts. Now a new YouTuber, Greyson Michael, is giving Bieber a run for his money with a new video that is currently spreading around the web like wildfire.

Greyson is a sixth-grader who plays the piano and sings like a superstar. He uploaded a video of himself performing Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ at a sixth grade festival on April 28. It took a couple of weeks, but yesterday the video took off and currently has over 1 million views.

Greyson follows in a long line of YouTube superstars with surprising talent, but nobody can deny his similarity to Justin Bieber. He’s got an amazing voice and is incredibly talented for his age, and is even sporting Bieber’s signature hairstyle. If history is any indicator, Greyson’s musical career has nowhere to go from here but up.

YouTube has become one of the biggest hubs for finding new talent. The site is giving regular people with out of this world talent the ability to gain recognition, even if they have no connections in showbiz. Greyson seems to have lucked out and become the next great thing to hit the YouTube stream. What do you think of this kid’s Lady Gaga rendition? Do you think this ‘Paparazzi’ YouTube clip will have the paparazzi going after Greyson?

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