New Zealanders Start Runaway Social Gaming Studio

A team in New Zealand is starting a social gaming studio called “Runaway”, and their first game is Flutter which is scheduled for May and uses a unique two-dimensional visual style. The game uses a rainforest theme and is reminiscent of recent indie games Flower and Braid.

The first trailer for Flutter is available now here, and displays a section of gameplay as described below.

It shows off your home grove where you can choose your butterfly, then the decent into the rainforest where you’ll explore, pollinate plants, make friends, and avoid enemies. If you like what you see we’d love to have you as a Facebook fan so you can test the beta when we put in live in May

VentureBeat explainsthat the game is actually social “because you can explore the world with your friends and share what you find with them. The beta is expected to go live in May and the company will introduce new species, plants, decorations, challenges and a story over time.” It’s awesome to see more independent game developers go social, and this game seems to be taking titles like Braid to a more multiplayer environment, with more social features.

“We’ve put a lot of time into crafting a world and style that will not only appeal to mass audiences, but give a sense of purpose and meaning to their play through the games attachment to an incredible real world environment that is under a very real threat,” Nixon said.

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