The Newcomers Guide To Twitter Part 5: How To Get More Followers #New2Twitter

The Newcomers Guide To Twitter is a ten-part series of introductory lessons, tips and suggestions for people using Twitter for the first time. Please share these articles with your friends, family, colleagues and anyone you know who is struggling to “get Twitter”.

So, you’ve studied the basicschosen the perfect usernamesetup your profile at and started following some cool people. But here’s the thing: how do you get people to follow you?

While Twitter is so much more than simply writing and posting tweets, if nobody is following you on the network or, more importantly, reading and engaging with your tweets, you’re soon going to lose interest and get frustrated. So, here’s the gazillion dollar question: how do you get more followers? Here are 5 tips below to get you started.

1. Write Great Content

We’ll cover more about how to write great tweets in the next section of this series, but this is essentially a no-brainer: unless you’re consistently publishing great content to Twitter nobody is going to be all that interested in signing up to learn more. Sure, you’ll pick up the usual motley crew of spammers, churners, bots and internet marketers, but they have about as much value to a person on Twitter as not being on Twitter at all. And being consistent doesn’t just mean batting every tweet out of the park – it means being consistent in the way that you behave on Twitter, the things that you write about and how you engage with others.

2. The 5 Bs

Essentially, anyone can do well on Twitter. All you have to do is remember the 5 Bs. One, be polite. Good manners never hurt anybody and nobody is offended by courtesy. Two, be useful. Somebody needs help in an area in which you are an expert? Help ’em out. Three, be interesting. And if you can’t be interesting, be interested in things, and share that knowledge. Four, always strive to be unique – it’s oh-so-easy to look at what somebody else has done to excel on Twitter (or anywhere else) and copy that, but while there are always lessons to be learned from others they rarely include forming yourself into an exact duplicate. So make your mark. What makes you different? What have you got to say on this subject? How would you approach this problem?

Ultimately, finally, and most importantly – and to both reiterate all of the above and put it to one side altogether – number five: be yourself. As they say, everybody else is already taken.

3. Act As If (But Play It Cool)

Time and time again I hear people say that the reason they held back from joining Twitter for so long is because they felt like they had nothing to say. That their lives weren’t interesting, or that they weren’t funny enough, clever enough or savvy enough to get ahead on a platform like Twitter. And if that’s you, then I’m going to let you in on a little secret: act as if. Want more followers on Twitter? Act as if you already have all the followers you want. Want more retweets? Act as if what you are saying deserves to be retweeted. Want to earn the respect of somebody you respect? Act as if that’s already understood.

If you want it, act as if you already have it.

But, here’s the thing: don’t act as if you need it. Don’t beg people to follow you. Don’t ask to be retweeted (even though, statistically, that works, it will put off people that actually matter). Don’t plead. Don’t sulk. And don’t wallow. Instead, act as if you’re already a success. Faking confidence is essentially the same thing as being confident, and eventually you won’t be able to tell the difference yourself.

Act as if.

4. Don’t Use Any Kind Of ‘Twitter System’

Twitter trains, #teamfollowback, buying followers… all that stuff is a waste of your time and, in many cases, money. Now, promoting your business account on Twitter’s Advertising platform does work and will convert to legitimate followers if you have the budget and expertise to implement this successfully. But, and I beg of you, please listen to me here: everything else that you see hyped all over the internet and Twitter itself that promises to get you followers in exchange for your hard-earned cash? No matter who is putting it up for sale, it’s junk. All of it. Without exception.

5. Who Is Following You Is Always More Important Than How Many

How many followers you have is just a number. Nothing more. Month to month, you’ll gain some, you’ll lose some, and Twitter, and the world, will keep on turning. But if you find the right followers  – and, as always, that’s right for YOU – then, even if it’s only a relatively small number, that’s far more important than tens of thousands of people who pay no attention to your tweets whatsoever.

Bottom line? All anybody needs on Twitter are 100 true fans. After that, everything will take care of itself.

This post is part of The Newcomers Guide To Twitter, a ten-part series of introductory lessons, tips and suggestions for people using Twitter for the first time or thinking about signing up for a profile. Click here to see the other posts in this series (and if you’re just getting started, here’s part one), and please hit the comments to share your own Twitter tips.