News 12 Long Island Meteorologist Rich Hoffman Curses on Air, Rips Station

A technical glitch and an upset on-air employee led to an embarrassing combination yesterday morning.

Veteran News 12 Long Island meteorologist, Rich Hoffman, caused quite a stir just after 9 a.m.

A commercial break tirade with one of the morning anchors made it to the live Web stream. Worse still, the audio went live on News 12.

And in the world we live in today, news is even more immediate thanks to social media.

Dozens of people commented about the Hoffman/engineers faux pas on the News 12 Long Island Facebook page.  

Hoffman not only used the “f-bomb,” he was apparently ripped his company. The “water cooler” talk centered on Hoffman’s anger that he was not included in the cable channel’s promos showing off their Hurricane Irene coverage, despite working 35 hours during the weekend storm coverage. 

As one person wrote on Facebook:

I heard it too, Maybe he shouldn’t be so angry, he has a very good job and cursing & complaining over the air is not nice.”

Another person added:

“I didnt know the weatherman has such anger management issues, he said he’s “so F-ing pissed off” over the air”

Someone else commented:

The weatherman just said he is SO F’ING Pisssed Off and the other news person said ‘me too.’

A FishbowlNY source believes that the news anchor was Danielle Campbell.

A News 12 spokeswoman issued this statement, which was also placed as a comment on their Facebook page.

“During a commercial break this morning, a microphone was mistakenly left on and inappropriate language was audible. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended. We take this incident very seriously and will implement immediate steps to prevent it from happening again.”

News 12 refuses to acknowledge if this gaffe will lead to any disciplinary action.

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