News Corp. Considering an All ‘Simpsons’ Channel

Even though “The Simpsons” stopped being funny about 37 seasons ago, it’s still a huge money maker for News Corporation. Naturally, the company is looking into ways to exploit that. One such idea is an all Simpsons channel, said News Corp.’s Chief Operating Officer, Chase Carey.

According to The Los Angeles Times, while addressing industry bigwigs at a conference in California, Carey brought up the idea:

Carey said there have been a ‘number of meetings’ to determine how to capitalize on its library of episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ and he mentioned a digital channel featuring nothing but Homer and the gang as being a possibility.

Yesterday Carey spoke about it again, reports Forbes. “The point I was making, which I will reemphasize, is that this is a unique franchise… and it provides us a unique opportunity to do some interesting things with it,” said Carey.

Unless they can somehow make it funny again, we’re not sold. But hey, maybe this is just a smoke screen. Maybe talking about a channel filled with nothing but the zany antics of a yellow family with a lazy dad is enough to make people forget about the more pressing matters at hand.