News Corp. Considers Purchasing Formula One Racing

Be honest with us: When you think of News Corporation, some words that come to mind include “adrenaline,” “dangerous,” and “intense,” right? Well if they didn’t before, they might now. There’s a rumor circulation that News Corp. is interested in purchasing Formula One (F1) racing.

According to SkyNews, News Corp is in the very early stages of talks with Carlos Slim and some manufacturers of the F1 cars, gauging what it would take to acquire the sport.

Before you get all excited picturing Rupert Murdoch flying around a track at about 200 miles per hour, we should warn you that News Corp. has refused to comment on the rumor, and F1’s CEO has dismissed it as “rubbish.”

But keep your engines warm race fans, we have a feeling this story has legs. Er, wheels.

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