News Corp. Could Be Biggest Advertiser in U.K.

FishbowlNY told you recently that News Corp is about to acquire BSkyB. And we also told you that this would make that company’s presence overwhelming in the U.K., because it would then own most of Britain’s newspapers and the biggest TV station. Well, according to Media Week, not only is News Corp. going to own all the news, it’s going to own all the ads in between the news too:

Last year, BSkyB alone spent £145.1m on traditional media, and a further £7.9m on online display. Once you add to this News International’s traditional spend of £41.6m and online display budget of 1.2m, as well as traditional and digital spend for News Corp-owned 20th Century Fox of £23.2m, the total spend of any new conglomerate hits a market-busting £219m.

Media expenditure for P&G, home to the likes of Gillette, Pringles, Pampers and Max Factor, lags a distant second at £206.6m.

Of course these are just estimates, but wow. News Corp. could potentially control more minds than Pringles! If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

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