News International Is ‘Changing the Game’

Internal review targets online ad sales

News International launched a three-year internal review aimed at cutting costs and competing with online media outlets, like Google and ITV, for advertising. The initiative, spearheaded by the company’s chief executive Rebekah Brooks, is flying under the banner “Changing the Game.”

News International is comprised of titles like The Times, The Sun, and the now infamous News of the World, and has long had a print-based business model. But Brooks is hoping the review will change that by learning to better invest in digital content. The company is also expected to reimagine its ad sales model, by charging more for “prime-time” advertising on special editions and popular events.

Newly appointed “transformation director” Sandra Tinker is expected to play a large role in making the company’s sales operation more efficient. She will likely be joined by other division specialists during the review to help turn around the economic burden of dropping circulation.