News Of The World Staff Feel ‘Frozen Out’

A new report from The Guardian shows that former staffers at the now-shuttered News of the World are not at all happy.

Problem #1: Only 23 of the paper’s 200 staffers have found other jobs within News International, not surprising given that News International attempted to give employees a list of open jobs within the country, many of which involved moving to Siberia.

Another 89 employees have taken “voluntary redundancy” aka buyouts.

Problem #2: Former News of the World Rebekah Brooks had promised staff she would hold a “town hall” meeting to address employment concerns, but Brooks’ successor, Tom Mockridge, wrote in a letter to the News International Staff Association that he “does not feel that a town hall style meeting is useful at this stage.”

One staffer told the Guardian: “We continue to be treated with contempt by News International at every stage of our consultation period. We have a lot of unanswered questions. Why all the broken promises from management?”