Newspapers: So Awesome! So Not Dead! According To New York Press Association Campaign

The New York Press Association, which represents weekly papers, has launched an extensive public relations campaign aimed at informing people that newspapers are not dead. The campaign cites specific statistics, like the fact that there are currently 140 more newspapers published in New York than there were a decade ago. The campaign will feature the slogan “Told Ya” splashed across local buses subways.

Michelle Rea, executive director of the New York Press Association, acknowledges the trials New York newspapers have had to face in recent years:

Evolving technologies and a stubborn recession have affected business profitability across the board, but they have not diminished the basic need for accurate information about the communities in which we all live.

Click below for more good news about newspapers in NY.

• 727 weekly community newspapers, including 129 culturally specific newspapers, with a total distribution of 11.6 million, were being published in New York State;

• 379 were paid circulation newspapers with a total distribution of 3.8 million, and

• 348 were free distribution newspapers with a total distribution of 7.7 million. (These do not include Pennysavers or Shoppers);

• There were 55 daily newspapers being published in New York with a combined distribution of 5 million, and

• Three free distribution dailies were being published in the New York City market with a combined distribution of 571,000.

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