Newsweek Has a Winner with ‘My Favorite Mistake’

Dennis Quaid is making a lot of media waves today with his cocaine confessional in Newsweek. As he should – it’s an incredibly candid first-person recollection of how he fell down the white-powder rabbit hole in 1974 and came up gasping for air in the late ’80s.

But the bigger picture is the recurring feature for which he wrote the piece. Launched in the March 14th issue, “My Favorite Mistake” is quickly turning out to be a highlight of Tina Brown’s revamped Newsweek.

So far, showbiz types have made up the bulk of contributors; before Quaid, there was Ted Danson, Jerry Weintraub, and – for the inaugural edition – Harvey Weinstein. Never mind that when it comes to the Quaids, a certain other brother currently holed up north of the border would seem to be the logical first sibling to participate.

In terms of a FishbowlLA favorite, we loved last week’s Danson ditty. In his “MFM” (our shorthand, not Newsweek‘s), he confessed to some renegade environmental work committed at the age of 11 in Flagstaff with the help of two boys of Native American descent and another whose dad was an archeologist. He swears that everything he now does for Mother Earth is “perfectly legal.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.