Newsweek Plans to Revive Print Edition

Runs counter to publishing trends

In a counterintuitive (some would say logic-defying) move, Newsweek is returning to print. The newsmagazine that went digital-only a year ago is planning to put out a weekly edition early next year, The New York Times reported.

The move runs counter to prevailing print media trends. This week, weekly New York magazine announced it would cut back to a biweekly frequency; other weeklies have generally curtailed their publication schedules over the years amid shrinking print revenue and soaring paper and postage costs. In going digital-only, Newsweek may have been the poster child for the category, although its struggles were exacerbated by multiple ownership changes, a revolving door of staffers and ill-fitting merger with IAC's The Daily Beast.

Newsweek severed its ties with the Beast and was sold in August to IBT Media, a 7-year-old digital news publisher company whose flagship is the online International Business Times. Its new editor in chief, Jim Impoco, told the Times that the forthcoming print product would depend more heavily on consumer revenue than advertising and be a “premium product, a boutique product.”