Newsweek‘s Ramin Setoodeh Will Visit The Set Of Glee

The “open letter” count on this ongoing Glee v. Newsweek saga is now at least three as the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has penned another, posted on’s PopWatch blog. This time, Murphy says that the author of the article that started the whole kerfuffle, Ramin Setoodeh, has taken him up on his offer to visit the Glee set in order to learn the healing power of love and free publicity or somesuch. Writes Murphy:

So far, Newsweek magazine has declined to issue an apology, other than to say they are big fans of the show I co-created, Glee — even the straight dudes around the Newsweek offices. I say thanks for your support, however glib, and continue — with many others offended by the article — to wait for a more substantial articulate response.

But in better more constructive news: Ramin Setoodeh, the author of the article, reached out to me today and accepted my offer to sit with myself and the writers of Glee — Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan — to discuss not only why we found the piece so offensive, but also to observe our creative process and see how we construct a TV show dedicated exclusively to the idea of inclusiveness and acceptance for all — ideas solely absent in his “Straight Jacket” article.

We really cannot wait for Setoodeh’s follow-up article or his inevitable cameo role as a rival glee club instructor with a chip on his shoulder, a song in his heart and a libretto for Promises, Promises tucked in his back pocket.