Nexon Signs With Peanut Labs for Monetization

Peanut Labs, a leading monetization platform, has announced a partnership with Nexon America to provide in-game monetization solutions. Also in the announcement, Embee Mobile, Sparkplay Media, and CyberSports will be integrating the Peanut Labs platform.

The Peanut Labs platform enables social media uses to earn virtual credits for their games using local discount deals, market research surveys, and offers, and is used in products from companies like WeeWorld and Acclaim. They recently introduced Cherry Deals Discounts, which focuses on providing users with local discounts, further inciting them to use the service to gain virtual currency.

Nexon America is one of the largest creators of web games, including their biggest hit MMO, MapleStory. The game was one of the first 2D web-based MMOs, and is a huge hit, with more penetration in Asia. It’s still unclear which games will use the Peanut Labs platform, but as time passes we’ll see just how significant the partnership is.

“Using alternate monetization provides an opportunity for our players to take advantage of in-game NX item shops while enjoying our free-to-play games. Peanut Labs’ user-friendly and safe market research surveys and discount deals are one of the ways we make earning free cash to use in Nexon games easy and fun.”

Won Il Sue, Vice President of Business Development, Nexon America

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