Next New Networks Spins Off New Car Series

Next New Networks has launched FLDetours a spin-off of its long-running car-junkie-aimed series Fast Lane Daily. The new series focused on reviews.

The new show is meant to offer a lighter, entertainment driven look at the auto world versus Fast Lane Daily’s news focus. During weekly episodes of FLDetours, Fast Lane Daily’s staffers will present details on new car models—but will tap real drivers to take test drives and provide their honest opinions on vehicles such sa the Chevy Equinox or the Audi R8.

FLDetours tagline is “car reviews in three minutes or less; legal in most states.”

The spin-off comes as Fast Lane Daily, perhaps Next New Network’s signature show, surpasses several milestones. The daily series, which launched in 2007, recently produced its 700th episode.

Like most Next New series, Fast Lane Daily is distributed on its own site and across numerous video destinations across the Web, including YouTube, and According to officials, the series generates 4 million video views each month, claims close to 50,000 subscribers on YouTube alone.