NFL to Review Their Secondary Market TV Policy

Good news for local football fans that were upset about missing the conclusion of the Oakland Raiders-Buffalo Bills game last Sunday.

The NFL will reexamine their secondary market television rules and are leaning towards showing the end of close games, according to Arash Markazi of

“A league source said Thursday if the Los Angeles market were airing a close game with the outcome still in the balance there was a “very good chance” the local affiliate wouldn’t leave the game until it was decided.

It is the first time the league has decided to tweak what had been a very non-negotiable rule regarding primary and secondary television markets for over 35 years. Los Angeles is the secondary market for the Chargers and league rules require “all secondary markets must carry in their entirety all road games of their local team.”

“When situations like this arise in the future, we will take a look at them,” NFL spokesperson Dan Masonson said. “We always review our policies and seek ways to improve them.”

The Chargers are deemed Los Angeles’ “local team” and therefore a “secondary market” because “its affiliates’ TV signals reach within 75 miles of the Chargers stadium,” Masonson said.”

You won’t have to worry about this scenario happening again until Week 5 of the NFL season on Oct. 9 when the Oakland Raiders travel to Houston at 10 a.m. followed by the San Diego Chargers playing at 1 p.m. against the Denver Broncos.