Former Northwestern Classmates Duke It Out Over Kings, Sharks

Once upon a time, San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy was sports editor at Northwestern University’s student newspaper when L.A. Times sportswriter Helene Elliott was a contributing freshman. Today, they find themselves on opposite sides of the Sharks-Kings NHL playoff series.

Yesterday, Purdy told his readers they should expect a lack of playoff intensity from the crowd at Staples Center tonight during game three. He wrote that while San Jose’s “HP Pavilion can be a Metallica concert when the puck drops, Staples is more of a Kenny G experience.” Today, Elliott responded with a blog piece titled “Kings Fans Will Make Noise Over San Jose Writer’s Column:”

Kings coach Terry Murray doesn’t think there will be Kenny G-like serenity in the arena Tuesday night. “I’m expecting it to be very revved up, very loud, noisy…”

The man speaks from experience… “Last year in the playoffs against Vancouver there was as much energy and enthusiasm and support in the building as any building that I’ve been in…. San Jose is a very loud building. But the L.A. Kings’ Staples Center is as good as anybody in the league.”

Maybe there’s still time to get the pictured Mr. G down to Staples to in-their-face toot out the national anthem.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.