Nicolai Ouroussoff and His Spreading of ‘Liberal Paranoid Social Policy’

Over the years of working here at UnBeige HQ, we’ve come to realize that, if there was to be a ranking of the most controversial architecture critics, the NY TimesNicolai Ouroussoff would likely top that list. He regularly writes exactly what he feels, without censoring himself or blunting his negative critiques, and as such, has caught the ire of many an architecture buff. But did you know that Ouroussoff also spends his time spreading “liberal paranoid social policy”? We had no idea either until we read this post on the blog Times Watch (dedicated itself to “documenting and exposing the liberal political agenda of the New York Times“) which focused on the critic’s recent dabbling into this bit of left-heavy fear mongering. So there you have it, dear readers. And now you’ll be better prepared to read for the next time Ouroussoff praises a billionaire’s project he/she has hired a starchitect to build for them, because it’s likely chock full of liberal paranoia.

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