Nicolas Sarkozy Signs Up For Twitter Just In Time For Campaign

He has two tweets to his name, under 24 hours on the network, and over 40,000 followers: not bad for a first day on Twitter.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has just signed up for Twitter, in time for the official start of his re-election campaign today.

You can find the President tweeting from @NicolasSarkozy.

Thus far, he has tweeted twice (in French, of course). The AFP has translated his two tweets:

“Good day to you all, I’m very happy today to launch my Twitter account. Thank you to all of those who would like to follow me.”

“I have accepted TF1’s invitation to appear on the 8pm news tonight and I invite you all to join me”

The second tweet refers to France’s largest private TV network, on which Sarkozy will appear to launch his campaign.

Sarkozy has been in office for five years, and although he has not yet officially confirmed a re-election bid, most are speculating that he’ll be announcing it on TF1 tonight. Plus, the fact that he just launched a Twitter account hints that he’s looking to bolster his public support.

Sarkozy’s 40,000 followers will likely balloon to over 100,000 in no time – the AFP reports that he already had about 5,500 only 40 minutes after signing up.

His competitors beat him to Twitter, but he’s already overtaken one: the socialist party’s François Hollande (@fhollande) is well ahead of him on the social media front, having over 150,000 followers to his name, but right-wing Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) has just 35,500. All three are verified, and you can bet they’ll be taking the battle for votes to the social media arena as the campaign heats up.