Nielsen Buys GlanceGuide

The Nielsen Co. has acquired GlanceGuide, an analytics firm that strives to measure attentiveness levels for Web video content.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based GlanceGuide has been a Nielsen partner since 2009. According to officials, the company’s technology can better track how engaged a viewer is with a particular piece of video by tracking variables such as viewing duration or whether or not a person adjusts the volume while watching.

As online video consumption proliferates, video analytics has become an increasingly important market segment. Yet to date, both Nielsen and rival researcher comScore have ceded some ground in this space to upstarts like TubeMogul and Visible Measures — each of which has gained traction with advertisers and publishers. Nielsen appears to see GlanceGuide’s attentiveness-scoring capabilities as a differentiator.

The research company has already integrated GlanceGuide’s analytics capabilities into its online video measurement tools. Nielsen executives expect that publishers will use GlanceGuide to gauge the success of online programming, while advertisers and agencies will use the company’s technology to monitor users’ responsiveness to Web video ad campaigns.

Theoretically, both publishers and advertisers could use insights gleaned from GlanceGuide to optimize their Web video efforts on a daily basis.

“Nielsen is fully committed to providing our clients with actionable, comprehensive and immediate insights about online video consumption,” said Dave Osborn, Nielsen’s svp of online product leadership. “GlanceGuide is a leader and innovator in video technology and analytics, so this was a natural and exciting extension of Nielsen’s current offerings to the advertising community.”

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