Nightclub City Comes Out of the Dark on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Profile Box and Name Analyzer may have listed themselves as games, but you can’t believe everything you read. The top game on this week’s list of emerging Facebook titles still under a million monthly active users is Nightclub City, with over half a million new monthly active users.

Out for about three weeks now, Nightclub City offers something of a unique experience, although with familiar mechanics. Players get to manage their own night club, complete with patrons, excessive drinking and the occasional bar fight. Since the game appears to be by a new independent developer, we’re going to call this game successful entirely on its own merits; we certainly enjoyed playing it, too.

After skipping over Collect Roses (another purposefully inaccurate listing) on the AppData list below, pretty much everything else is a real game:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Profile Box 763,433 +564,078 +282.95
2. Name Analyzer 732,099 +537,645 +276.49
3. Nightclub City 897,950 +535,969 +148.07
4. Collect Roses 862,850 +485,347 +128.57
5. Monster World 420,621 +330,820 +368.39
6. My Tribe 767,546 +236,515 +44.54
7. My Casino 643,371 +197,776 +44.38
8. Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 258,963 +182,666 +239.41
9. Jungle Life 439,391 +175,120 +66.27
10. Ranch Town 279,555 +167,820 +150.19
11. My Vineyard 639,721 +142,803 +28.74
12. Funfari 444,897 +126,019 +39.52
13. ( Fupa Games ) – Arcade Blitz 408,105 +117,855 +40.60
14. Kungfu Online — Best Martial Arts MMORPG Ever! 251,262 +108,176 +75.60
15. GameHouse 103,340 +102,589 +13,660.32
16. My Fish 187,180 +100,096 +114.94
17. Jewel Puzzle 270,785 +94,512 +53.62
18. NanoStar Siege 363,164 +94,007 +34.93
19. Empire Craft – The Most Popular War Game! 298,119 +89,082 +42.62
20. MonstrosCity 320,890 +88,967 +38.36

Monster World is from the idiosyncratic minds over at Wooga, the German studio that also produced Bubble Island. The new title is basically a farming game, but with monsters. There’s a bit of synergy between this game and MonstrosCity, which you can see way down at the bottom of the list.

My Tribe, right below Monster World, is continuing its steady march toward a million MAU. We weren’t sure at first that the game would make it, since it’s a step up graphically and thematically from the the most popular Facebook games, but with the past week’s acceleration it looks like the Big Fish game will keep going after it passes a million.

Moving down again, My Casino is a recent RockYou release that was having trouble growing until a couple weeks ago, so it seems likely the company devoted some advertising budget to getting it started. Unfortunately, like many RockYou titles, the percentage of players who come back on a daily basis (DAU) is lower than average.

Finally, we’ll skip a number of other games (which are all worth a look, if you have time) to settle on GameHouse, the new portal app from a division of RealNetworks. This should be an interesting one to watch, since Gamehouse execs essentially told us last week that they’re staking the reputation of their new game development platform on the app. So far, so good.