Nightclubs and Game Portals Lead This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Growers By DAU

This week’s list of Facebook’s fastest-growing games by daily active users is mostly filled with newer, growing games that are still picking up significant numbers of both monthly active users and DAUs. It’s headed up by Nightclub City, the nightclub management game that has risen quickly through the ranks since its release almost exactly a month ago.

Here’s the full list of 20 from AppData:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Nightclub City 491,476 +149,637 +43.77
2. MindJolt Games 2,155,916 +120,043 +5.90
3. Zoo Paradise 1,088,126 +97,340 +9.82
4. Family Feud 1,241,987 +68,824 +5.87
5. Bejeweled Blitz 2,601,031 +64,306 +2.54
6. Games 400,581 +54,590 +15.78
7. Bola 477,926 +37,376 +8.48
8. Garden Life 322,181 +34,621 +12.04
9. Jewel Puzzle 75,522 +32,904 +77.21
10. Belote 35,744 +32,269 +928.60
11. Lovely Farm 31,812 +29,795 +1,477.19
12. 瘋狂診 所 27,745 +27,616 +21,407.75
13. Jungle Life 92,747 +26,879 +40.81
14. Happy Pets 1,348,313 +25,213 +1.91
15. Funflow 65,150 +25,115 +62.73
16. Play Game 25,632 +24,002 +1,472.52
17. Country Story 804,999 +23,518 +3.01
18. My Tribe 192,006 +23,128 +13.70
19. Happy Slots! 64,063 +23,074 +56.29
20. Funfari 67,271 +22,222 +49.33

MindJolt Games is at number two, and we see here an interesting trend when it’s combined with number six, Games. Both of these apps are game portals, containing hundreds of flash games, with social features overlaid. MindJolt is the leader of the category, and has had a significant playerbase for quite some time.

Both MindJolt and Games are shrinking in terms of MAU, but their DAU is going up. This may be the result of efforts to add more social features, interaction and virality to the basic game portal concept. Take a look at their DAU as a percentage of MAU charts:

Of course, older apps that have stopped growing can employ a number of tricks to temporarily bring new users in or old ones back, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll keep their higher DAU percentages.

Below MindJolt, CrowdStar’s Zoo Paradise appears to have lost nearly all its growth momentum, although it’s difficult to tell, as Facebook’s updates to MAU have been frozen for days. The animal-collecting game’s DAU still shows some slight gains. Jungle Life, a similar game by Metrogames that is exactly ten places down at number 13, shows much more potential, although it’s still a tenth the size of Paradise.

Finally there’s Bola, at number seven. We recently reviewed this Playdom-owned Three Melons title and found it to be a pretty good soccer game, but its DAU, which rose at the beginning of the week we’re measuring for but actually dipped toward the end, suggests that it, too, may be running out of steam.

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