Nikki Finke to Hollywood Reporter Lawyers: SCOLDJA!

The latest episode in Nikki Finke’s ongoing war of words with the Hollywood Reporter is posted tonight on, plain for all to see. At the urging of her boss, Jay Penske, Finke has shared her email response to the competing trade’s parent company law firm charge of conduct extra-unbecoming. The email begins and ends with an expletive; in between, there are a number of incendiary charges.

Finke has apparently been working for several months now on a big THR expose piece, so she was at the ready with all sorts of return fire when this legal missive crossed her desk. She claims four different Prometheus-THR execs have slandered her, suggests that equating the two outlets is like comparing the Economist to the National Enquirer, and alleges an ongoing rank-and-file swirl:

– THR staff keep calling me and asking for jobs saying they are worried about The Hollywood Reporter’s future.

– THR keeps coming after Deadline’s staff to hire them “with a blank check” even though we have contracts.

Our favorite comment so far is someone asking Finke if she can deliver their eulogy. The Hollywood Reporter has responded by labeling Finke’s post a “false item” and sharing the full text of the letter sent to PMC by the Prometheus lawyers.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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