Nikki Finke Gets Her First Public Job Offer

Sharon Waxman may not be completely useless to Nikki Finke after all.

In the reader comments to Waxman’s Sunday night article heard around the Hollywood world, Finke got a job offer this morning from the New York City Star. The New York City what?

The URL rolls over to the organization’s Twitter page. And that’s where this whole job offer gets really hilarious, from a west coast point of view:

Hyperlocal News for the five boroughs of New York City. is in development.

If New York City Star can afford Finke, then every journalist on the Manhattan beat should be getting their resumes into the new organization. Kudos to them for jumping in, humorously (“We’ll discuss compensation in person.”), ahead of West Hollywood Patch. Although as many Finke critics will be the first to suggest, this job offer only makes sense if the focus of Star’s nascent operation is actually hyper-loco news.

And speaking of Patch, they may want to separately look into Star’s plans. The outfit also has a Long Island Star hub in development and, who knows, how many others.

Shortly after publication of this item, we heard from New York City Star founder Mike Taylor. He tells FishbowlLA: “Actually, the offer is real, and it would include equity. Our offer would be contingent upon Finke relocating to NYC. We feel like Nikki is the perfect personality to promote and drive our brand, and her style would be a refreshing change from the plain-vanilla product that Patch is pushing out here.”

Update – 06/03/13: The second public job offer (that we know of) appears to have been posted right around the same time as the above Disqus comment. Nikki, there’s also interest from the seemingly much less real enterprise Manka Bros. Studios.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.