Kevin Smith Revs Up Nikki Finke Way-Back Time Machine

Long before the Jay Penske deal, Nikki Finke was of course already at it.

Today on HuffPost Live, writer-director Kevin Smith chimed in re: the whole Sharon Waxman mess by recalling a tussle with Finke in the summer of 2006. She wrote that Clerks 2 was “well on its way to more failure,” prompting Smith to respond and Finke to post anew on July 26:

I’ve edited out the jejune personal attacks. But because I’m always in favor of a dialogue based on the merits or demerits of my editorializing, I’m honored to give director Kevin Smith his say…

I, for one, am sickened by everybody mouthing off that their movie will make money when the reality is it doesn’t have a chance in hell. But, hey, Kevin, best of luck in your new career as a TV personality… I think that’s going to work out more profitably for you than this film thing.

The strangest thing about this particular dive into an old Finke item is the number of reader comments at the bottom of the page. There are none. Watch today’s HuffPost Live footage here.

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