Nikki’s Prom Dress Contest: THE WINNER

Drumroll, please.

Earlier in the week, we asked for your help in choosing what frock Washington Examiner‘s Gossip Girl Nikki Schwab should wear to the ball next weekend for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

The victor was overwhelming: The mint-green Mischka Bagley Aqua Wonder dress. “Let this shimmery drape dress by Badgley Mischka float you away on a whimsical evening of fun,” advises the write-up on

That doesn’t mean there weren’t naysayers. Some of you felt strongly she should wear #1, the one-shoulder royal blue number and others felt one of the black strapless dresses was the way to go.

The Commentary…

*I rarely do this and I’m sorry to be wielding my power in such a benevolent manner but I feel as if I have no choice.  According to my gay card, the winner by a hot, steamy mile is number two – 2. Aqua Wonder Dress by Mischka Badgley which is actually Badgley Mischka. — FBDC’s Matt Dornic

*Hands down the Aqua Wonder dress because a) the mix of greens and blues is beautiful and b) it’s spectacularly named the “Aqua Wonder” dress. I loved the royal blue, but wearing a dress that falls at the top of your thigh would be uncomfortable around bosses. — BR

*#4 Strapless black. I like that the color is more conservative. And there’s something about a dress with like material only on one shoulder (I have no idea if I’m describing this right) that’s weird to me. The feathers were my second choice. I guess because I’m stuck on this black dress thing. — Alec Jacobs, FBDC intern

*Totally #1 – navy is so in this spring, a la Kate Middleton’s engagement announcement dress. Pls see if you can also outfit Ms. Schwab with the Lady Di engagement ring replica.

*I vote @NikkiSchwab dons #2- it would be stunning w her hair & eye color, & dif in a sea of black.

*ooo! [referring to the Aqua Wonder dress]

*I vote for 1., because no. 2 looks like she’s being given away as a child bride in Game of Thrones and nos. 3 and 4 look like she just discovered Hot Topic

*I vote number 2 unless number 1 becomes available again.  I am one of her best friends from high school and I know that she would likely pick the style of number 2.  I think the color of number one is best for her, but number 2 will be quit elegant and appropriate for this event!

*Which dress should Nikki wear to the WHCD? That’s easy: the cheapest one (times are hard). And hopefully the cheapest one isn’t the Aqua Wonder dress because I don’t like the color.

*Tell Nikki to wear #1. It will emphasize her most.

*I vote for #3 – Nikki would look best in BLUE! (Dear reader: #3 was the black feathers.)

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