9 Reasons Why You're Hooked On Facebook

If you're unable to go a day without checking Facebook, consider yourself hooked. Here are ten signs that you've got an addiction like we do.

If you’re unable to go a day without checking Facebook, consider yourself hooked. So are we!

Roughly half of the 650 million-plus members check the site daily, but that data point doesn’t cover the number who feel compelled to re-visit the site multiple times a day — or never log off. Facebook has become a fast and easy pathway to connect with current folks in your life and with those whose relationships you’ve let wither away for one reason or another. But the social network has become an obsessive quest for many, if you’re not crying uncle after spending countless hours on any given day on the site, then you’ve got FB fever and it’s bad.

Now how many of the following things resonate with you?

1.You can’t top that friend connection: You love the fact that you’ve reconnected with Fred, Ethel and Lucy from the old neighborhood. You can now keep tabs on that yesteryear flame who still gives you butterflies in your stomach. You’re loving the fact that your nemesis, the most popular girl in high school is aging at a rate that is dumbfounding to modern science and you chuckle about it every time you peek at her pics.

2. “Love you, mom, but now we can chat on Facebook…”: Smooches to mom,but how many of you dread picking up that phone to call her? Connecting with her via Facebook is not such a chore and the conversations can be quick, to-the-point and you would have met your keeping-in-contact obligations. Besides, nagging is easier to do via phone than typing online.

3. It’s a great self-esteem booster: You get to see what other folks are doing with their careers, and if you’re feeling unaccomplished, there is always someone else who is worse off than you. Jeff was the star of the high school basketball team and now he schleps toilets for a plumbing manufacturer — ha, ha, loser!

4. The mind-numbing games are fun: Playing the games on Facebook are much more rewarding than watching porn or dumb reality shows on TV.

5. No more belated birthday cards: Forgetting to send Aunt Esther happy birthday greetings is a thing of the past because if she’s on Facebook, you’ll be reminded and on time with your sentiments.

6. Your social life will get a boost: Just think, you’ll now be invited to functions that you’ve only dreamed about, like mahjong night with some local friends or midweek pot-luck dinner gatherings. No more telephone tag, no waiting game for 20- or 30- year awkward high school or college reunions. Your nights of getting to bed by 8:30 p.m. are numbered!

7. A great way to spy on your kids: Just befriend your kid, kick off your shoes and assume the role of Big Brother. Sneaking a peek on what your offspring are up to on social media has become the American way!

8. It’s a brilliant time-waster: If you’re serious about procrastination or even relaxed productivity, then Facebook is for you. There’s nothing wrong with goofing off every now and then and sometimes, and putting off stressful tasks, in the words of the great and oh-so-savvy Martha Stewart, can be a “good thing.”

9. Facebook is good for what ails ya: Reportedly, Facebook users are happier, healthier and less stressed than non-users. The exchange of communication on the site just puts a spring in a person’s step. Commenting, sharing pics, crossing the t’s or dotting the i’s on our profiles is a guaranteed mood booster. People with large and supportive friend networks get sick less often. So the site every day to keep the doctors away!

Readers, has the list above convinced you that you’re addicted like we are? How many are true for you?