Ninja Metrics grows client roster of its Katana Social Analytics Engine


Social analytics company Ninja Metrics has announced a new client for its Katana Social Analytics Engine, which helps developers identify, isolate and monetize the most influential or valuable users within a single game. Using the “social value” of users, developers can track how a single user may influence others, and what that influence is worth in monetary figures.

The new client is Nerd Kingdom, an independent game developer behind the multiplayer, open-world sandbox-RPG TUG (The Untitled Game). TUG [pictured] is currently in Alpha testing, and is available via Steam’s Early Access program. Nerd Kingdom will use the Katana Social Analytics Engine to prioritize its future development goals in response to player activities and preferences.

“As data scientists, we’re incredibly excited to have such a powerful tool at our disposal,” said Peter Salinas, a behavioral scientist and founding member at Nerd Kingdom. ”With Katana, we can gain valuable insights into exactly how players are playing TUG, and use this data to help shape the game and create a truly reactive gameplay experience.”

The Katana platform measures the amount of money users are likely to spend inside games while identifying the ‘top’ users in a community. The platform dashboard offers support for user segmentation, player churn projections, conversion rates and more. It integrates with mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and web, PC and flash titles.

“The Ninja Metrics team is happy to be working with Nerd Kingdom to see what Katana can do for its big picture,” added Dmitri Williams, CEO of Ninja Metrics. “Because Nerd Kingdom’s game is based on user-generated content, the Social Value metrics we can provide are very important to be able to see how gamers are playing, creating, and impacting each other.”

A full breakdown of the Katana Social Analytics Engine, which was revealed in January 2014, is available on Ninja Metrics’ website.

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